Days go by like seconds and you seem to keep running out of time?
Why are you spending your time on tasks what somebody else could do for you?
With my help, you can spend your time on what you value the most!
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The Task Guru

The mission of The Task Guru is to make busy people’s life easier. I saw people with great minds wasting their very valuable time on tasks like booking their flights or dealing with their expenses - instead of focusing on their business - or even their loved ones. I KNOW that all these tasks could be outsourced. And by doing so, the already overcrowded schedule will free up some valuable spots for more relevant activities in the business or in the private life of the person.

More About Szonja

Virtual Assistance

As a virtual assistant I provide both executive and personal assistance based on your needs. I’m very experienced in business related tasks, (such as administration, expense management, email and phone communication with clients and business partners, calendar & meeting management, CRM system implementation and usage, Office document creation and editing, etc.) but also happy to help you with tasks in your private life (for example organizing family holiday, looking for the best present for your loved one, making a research about an equipment most suitable for your needs, planning biking routes for the weekend, finding the best golf spot in a country… and the list goes on).
My approach as an assistant is to get to know you as soon as possible, understand your work and life rhythm and preferences. It does require some time invested by you at the beginning, but you will feel already from the first week that the weight on your shoulders is getting less and you have more time for other things – should that be business of personal life related.

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Travel Management

I love traveling and also very much enjoy organizing the travel(s) for someone else. I know well the where to look for the best prices and how to book even short term for reasonable price. But also familiar with the exclusive services and solutions – if that’s what you prefer. I organized travels all over the world ( 96 countries till now – and counting), so in addition to the usual travel and accommodation, I’m also familiar with visa requirements and processes. As an exclusive service, I can also provide 24/7 travel check and availability when my client is on the way – so even if something comes up, I’m available to help you.

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Event Management

I enjoy all the fields of my work, but if I have to pick a favorite, that would be event management. I love the activity, the complexity and the chaos, what is always a part of planning and organizing an event. I’m proud to say that I’ve already organized successful small group (5-10 people) corporate and family celebrations, middle size (70-90) training and team building days, a company anniversary weekend for 120 people, christmas and birthday dinners for all size of business, family or friend groups, and a one and a half day conference addition/follow up event – including panels, presentations, networking, dinners and drinks – for slightly more than 200 people. All these occasions were great, and the best feeling for me to see when all the planning turns into something what makes my client(s) satisfied and happy.

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Graphic Design

Graphic Design is the “newbie” in my skillset. I was always very interested in graphics – I’ve been drawing since I was able to hold a pencil – and also digital graphics and design were close to my heart, but somehow was always busy with other stuff and did not put the effort in properly studying about design. But this year I finally took the time and started learning how to make graphics, logos and images in a professional way in digital environment. I’m still learning and practicing, but I would be already able – and glad – to help you – for a discounted “beginner” rate.

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The Task Guru

Szonja Kisgergely

Even though I graduated from College as an Economist, I never really worked as one. After trying a few fields – starting from public service, experiencing sales and even relocation management – I became an assistant. That was the time when I realized that I enjoy the most when I can help smart and successful people becoming even more successful – with my support. I spent nearly a decade with working in various supportive roles in corporate environment, assisting completely different, high level executives and teams. I’m confident to say that I reached the highest level what is possible in a supportive role. But I still did not feel that I’m doing all I could or that my time would be used as effectively as it could be. After some careful consideration, I came to the conclusion: I have to get out from the corporate 9 to 17 environment to fulfill my mission. So I became a freelancer, I founded The Task Guru. Since that I’m even more effective with time, and the guru of the tasks.

This is the reason why I do what I do

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